CSCI 5800-003: Deep Learning

Course Description

This course provides a foundation on deep learning – currently the most sought-after skills in machine learning. Students will gain both theoretical and practical understanding of the concept and will work on few real-world problems like location identification from photos (without GPS meta), speech reading / lip reading from silent videos, sign language recognition for your smartphones, stock market forecasting, image/object recognition from surveillance footage. Theoretical concepts include:

  • Introduction to Artificial Neural Network design and learning algorithms

  • Restricted Boltzmann machine design, learning and applications in dimensionality reduction, classification, regression, feature extraction and collaborative filtering.

  • Principles of Convolution neural network, its architecture, variations and applications.

  • Recurrent Neural network, Long short term memory.

  • Deep reinforcement learning algorithms

  • Autoencoders and understand unsupervised neural network architectures.

  • Understand the ever-evolving computational frameworks for deep neural networks, like TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, etc, and how to build a custom framework.

Teaching Staff


Teaching Assistants

  • Crystin Rodrick

    • Office: LW-835

    • Office hours: Thursday 9am-12pm or by appointments.

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Time and Location


Mon & Wed 2:00pm-3:15pm


It is recommended that you choose the following primary textbook.

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