Gita Alaghband, Professor & Chair
CSIS PhD Co-Director
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Campus Box 109,
1380 Lawrence Street,
P.O. Box 173364
University of Colorado Denver
Denver, Colorado 80217-3364
Phone: 303-315-1409   Fax: 303-315-1410
Email: Gita.Alaghband AT ucdenver.edu

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Research Interests:
Visit the Parallel Distributed Systems (PDS) lab at http://PDS.ucdenver.edu


  • Parallel Processing 
  • Parallel Algorithms
  • Parallel Languages
  • Performance Measurement and Prediction
  • Shared Memory Multiprocessors
  • Distributed Systems
  • Multi-Core Architectures
  • Cluster Computing
  • SIMD Computing
  • Computer Architectures
  • Operating Systems
  • Simulation

ISBN 0-13-901158-7
Prentice Hall

Teaching Interest:
  • Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Architecture

     Spring 2019  Course:

  • Advanced Computer Architecture CSCI5593


    Fall 2018  Course:

PhD Students:
  • Lan Vu:
    • Parallel Computation & Algorithms, Dissertation on Parallel Data Mining (Graduated fall 2014, currently at VMWare)
  • David Gnabasik:
    • Computational Biology, Dissertation on Discrete Time Evolution of Proteomic Biomarkers (Graduated spring 2017)
  • Iris Linck:
    • Parallel and Distributed Computing, Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms
  • Henok Ghrebrechristos:
    • Deep Learning: Insight from the Box: Understanding and Characterizing Feature Maps to Improve Performance by Controlled Convolution
  • Manh Huynh:
    • Computer Vision: Real-time High-performance Human Tracking
  • Nao Takano:
    • Neural Network
  • Thoria Alghamdi:
    • Deep Learning

Sample Research Projects

Long Vitae (PDF)