Sample Research Projects
Professor Gita Alaghband 

“The hydra parallel programming system,

a parallel language based on Java, designed for and implemented on multi-core architectures.

“Dynamic Distribution of Java Applications Mobile Computing Devices,”
Scientific Assistant Virtual Laboratory (SAVL),”

web-based educational software simulation.

“Natural Load Indices (NLI) in NAMD2 load balancing algorithms,

new application-based load index for load balancing scientific applications on distributed systems. In collaboration with NCAR.

“A Very Fast Simulated Annealing Scheduler for Radiative Transfer data in Climate Models,”

 in collaboration with NCAR.

“Relationship Model,” 

as part of Systems Environment Model, US WEST Model the relationships among distributed technology areas in a large company. Define and implement processes based on the model for efficient operation and communication of technology areas. 

“Optimizing Parallel Database Query,”

with US WEST, design and implementation of fast retrieval operation based on the ability to structure the data files for parallel input/output operations.

“An Adaptive Statistical Filter for Detecting Motion in MPEG-1 Video Streams for  Surveillance Applications”

“Service Order Entry: A Parallel Transaction-Oriented Business System,”

with US WEST, designed and implemented a prototype parallel on-line transaction based business system, service order entry for a telephone company. Defined the logical and physical parallel transaction environment and system requirements. Addressed design strategies to achieve the performance superiority over equivalent sequential system. 

“An Architecture for Efficient Data Retrieval,”

with Raytheon, design and implement a combining interface to a database to optimize queries and initialization.

“Processor Architecture for Parallel Execution of Single Stream Instructions,”

with Storage Technology, design of  fast futuristic processor architecture with branch prediction with many levels of speculative instruction execution which provides crossbar interconnection among input and output registers. 

“Detection, Routing, Election Algorithms for Incomplete and Complete Hypercube Distributed Systems,”

“Digital Warping Using Neural Networks,”

“Analysis of Pulsed Doppler Signal Processing in a Parallel Computing Environment,”

with NCAR,

“A Memory Management Scheme for Parallel Data Access,” 

design and implementation of a data structure and access functions in a dynamic memory management scheme that does not inhibit parallel processes from accessing data concurrently.

“Language Portability Across Shared Memory Multiprocessors,”

design and implementation of a parallel language, Force, using two-level macros. The language has been successfully ported to a variety of shared memory multiprocessors, CRAY XMP and YMP, Encore Multimax, Sequent Balance and Symmetry, Flex 32, Alliant FX, HEP, Convex, KSR-1, SGI Origin. 

“NADA: A Data Driven Programming Language”

a dataflow-based parallel programming language.

“Virtual Quidditch: A Case Study in Distributed Processing”

“Coherent Distributed Shared Memory: Design and Implementation”

with SUN Micro Systems. A user-level memory management system to implement coherent shared memory operations in a distributed memory system was designed, implemented, and tested for correctness and performance on a network of  SUN workstations.

“Concepts in Modular Computing Design for Complex Systems”

“A decision Support System for Service Delivery Scheduling”

with US WEST, the software system generates an efficient and fast schedules for service delivery of a large company.  Several algorithms are implemented and compared for performance. 

“Numerical Modeling and Characterization of Semiconductor Devices,”

Parallel Scheduling Algorithms,”

“Mathematical Models for Parallel Loops,”

“Parallelization of the MA28 Sparse Matrix Package,”

“Multiprocessor Sparse LU Decomposition with Controlled Fill-in,”

“K-Winner Networks,”

 “Performance Modeling of Parallel Programs and Architectures,”

“Performance Analysis/Measurement Tools,”

“Study of Parallelization of SPICE 2G.6 Circuit Simulation Package on an MIMD Computer,”

“Emergency Address Locator,”

“WEB-based Automated Advising,"

“WEB-based Index Card System,"