About me

I'm a graduate student at the University of Colorado Denver Computer Science Department advised by Prof. Gita Alaghband. I'm interested in deep learning models for visual recognition tasks. My primary research focus is characterizing deep learning blackbox to gain insight as to how these models find useful signal from large amounts of data. Deep learning models ( neural networks in general) are a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that are modeled on the brain. These are promissing algorithms that have demonstrated exceptional performance at dealing with complex, high volume and variety real-world data. Unfortunetly, these networks are as opaque as the brain itself. These models, much like the brain, do not store what they have learned in digital memory in raw or compressed format. Instead they defuse the information in a way that is difficult to decipher.


Active and previous projects

  • RetiNet (Retinopathy Network)

Publications (or few of my recent accomplishments)

Possibly broke spacetime

Terraformed a small moon

Snapped dark matter in the wild

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