Manh Huynh

CEAS PhD Candidate
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
College of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Colorado Denver
Address: LW827, 1380 Lawrence Street, Denver 80217, CO, US
Email: manh dot huynh at ucdenver dot edu
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I am currently open to new job opportunities !!!.


My research interests span the fields of computer vision, machine learning, and robotics, focusing on tracking, understanding, and predicting human motion, action, and behaviors in applications of autonomous vehicles, robotics, and surveillance systems. I am specially interested in solving computer vision problems under adverse conditions (e.g., severe weather, low-light vision, and occlusions) and online adaption of neural networks to different societal norms across the world.

News !!!

  • Oct 2022: Our paper Online Adaptive Temporal Memory for Trajectory prediction (OATMem) is accepted to WACV 2023 .
  • Jan 2022: Research Internship at Honda Research Institue . I worked on multi-agent trajectory prediction. Two papers/patents are/were under review/filed.
  • Oct 2021: Our GPRAR paper has been accepted to BMVC 2021 (437 out of 1206 papers)
  • May 2021: Successfully proposed my Ph.D. dissertation .
  • July 2020: Our AOL paper is accepted to BMVC 2020 (195 out of 670 papers)
  • Selected Publications

    Trulli GPRAR: Graph Convolutional Network based Pose Reconstruction and Action Recognition for Human Trajectory Prediction
    Manh Huynh , Gita Alaghband.
    BMVC 2021
    [Paper] , [Presentation] [Code is available soon]
    Trulli AOL: Adaptive Online Learning for Human Trajectory Prediction in Dynamic Video Scenes
    Manh Huynh , Gita Alaghband.
    BMVC 2020
    Trulli Trajectory Prediction by Coupling Scene-LSTM with Human Movement LSTM
    Manh Huynh , Gita Alaghband.
    ISVC 2019 14th International Symposium on Visual Computing (Oral Acceptance Rate: ~38%)
    [Paper] [code] [Video][bib]

    Scene-LSTM: A Model for Human Trajectory Prediction.
    Manh Huynh , Gita Alaghband.
    arXiv preprint arXiv:1808.04018 (2018)
    [Paper] [code] [Video][bib]
    Trulli Spatiotemporal KSVD Dictionary Learning for Online Multi-target Tracking.
    Manh Huynh , Gita Alaghband.
    CRV 2018 15th Conference on Computer and Robot Vision, Toronto, Canada , May 2018. (Oral Acceptance Rate: ~23%)
    [Paper] [code] [Video][bib]
    Trulli Saliency detection by tensor voting based Gaussian modeling.
    Manh Huynh , Jungyeon Yeo , Gueesang Lee.
    IMCOM '15 9th International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication
    [Paper] [Video][bib]
    Trulli Poster: Mobile device identification by leveraging built-in capacitive signature
    M Huynh , P Nguyen, M Gruteser, T Vu.
    CSS 2015 - 22nd ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CSS 2015)
    Trulli Small object segmentation based on visual saliency in natural images.
    Manh Huynh , Gueesang Lee.
    JIPS 2013 - Journal of Information Processing Systems
    [Paper] [Video][bib]

    Professional Activities

    Academic Experiences

  • Teaching CSCI 1411 Fundamentals of Computing Lab (Summer 2017, 2018)
  • Teaching CSCI 1510 Logic Design (2015-Present)
  • Teaching Assistant CSCI 7751 Paralel Distribued System (Fall 2017)
  • Teaching Assistant CSCI 5593 Advanced Computer Architecture (2015-Present)
  • Teaching Assistant CSCI 5800 Computer Storage System (Summer 2016)
  • Teaching Assistant CSCI 4761 Intro to Computer Networks (Spring 2015)
  • Teaching Assistant CSCI 3412 Principles of Programming Langugues (Fall 2016)
  • Honors & Awards

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