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Get a copy of MSVC 2017 Community Edition from this link.

Documenting and submitting programs

Each programming assignment should include

  • your source code and project files.
  • a README file documenting, briefly
    • your name and student ID
    • the structure of your program (both file organization and high-level functional organization)
    • the status of your program (e.g. it works completely, it compiles but doesn't run, it compiles and runs but doesn't work in certain cases, some features are missing etc.)
    • what hardware platform(s) you tested it on.  
  • Do not include binary files.
  • Create a directory, put all files in it, and name the directory "xxxxHWn", where xxxx being the last 4 digits of your student ID (SSN), and an n stands for the homework number . For example, if you're submitting homework 1 and your id is 1234, the directory name should be 1234HW1
  • Compress the directory into one file. Use the same name for the compressed file (i.e. 1234HW1.zip). If you don't create a properly named directory and compress files in the current directory, the your files could be mixed up with other students' when I uncompress them. So please do not forget to create a directory and compress the directory.