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At BDLab (Big Data Management and Mining Laboratory), we have organized our research and education around two tracks: a Data Science track, and a Data Management and Mining track. With the Data Science track, we engage with real-world problems that can benefit from data-driven solutions (consisting of all data scientific life-cycle components), given various combinations of the Big Data V5 challenges. Toward this end, we have experienced with a number of data-driven decision-making systems (DDSs) from various application areas, such as health informatics, computational genetics, IoT, intelligent transportation, and scientific computing. The Data Science track complements the Data Management and Mining track by providing practical real-world problems, which we generalize, formalize, and rigorously study as novel data management and mining problems. In particular, we have special interest in the following areas (among others): spatiotemporal data management and mining, graph data management and mining, high-throughput data management and mining using modern hardware, and next generation database engines (or NewSQL).​


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  • Announcing the awards for RaCAS

    A team mentored by Dr. Farnoush Banaei-Kashani won an Outstanding Poster/Exhibit award in RaCAS 2022. The poster was for "aTA (artificial TA): A Closed-Domain Long-Form Question-Answering Chatbot".

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  • Announcing the Climate Innovation Challenge—grants to support cutting-edge earth research

    Prof. Farnoush Banaei-Kashani, director of BDLab, is one of the Research Innovators who has advanced their climate research with Google Cloud and conducts data science projects with Intelligent Transportation and Earth Sciences applications.

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  • Announcement: Department Seminar "Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data"

    Department Seminar on Monday 01/24/2022 at 11:00 A.M. "Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data", Dr. Farnoush Banaei-Kashani (CU Denver). The seminar will be remote over Zoom. If interested, contact Mathstaff for Zoom information. @BDLabUCD.

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