Big Data Management and Mining Laboratory

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At BDLab (Big Data Management and Mining Laboratory), candidates will have the opportunity to work on fundamental problems in the area of "big data management and mining" and “database systems”, as well as “data science” problems adopted from a variety domains that practice data-driven research. For more information about the on-going research projects see the Research. If you are interested in joining BDLab, see the available openings below. PhD students are not limited to the current opening projects. If you decide to apply, please read the Application Requirements at the end of this page before contacting the indicated project lead.

Application Requirements

There are some openings in the Big Data Management and Mining Research Laboratory (BDLab) for PhD Graduate Research Assistants, MS and Undergraduate Research Assistants. Please read the following requirements carefully and if you're qualified and interested in any of these positions, email the asked doucments to associated person mentioned in each position with the following subject: "Big Data Management and Mining Position - XXX - XX ", replacing XXX by "phd", "master", or "under grad" and XX by the postion name respectively. PhD students are not limited to the current opening projects.

  • Research Focus Areas:

    The candidates will have the opportunity to work on various aspects of "big data management and mining" and database systems with Professor Farnoush Banaei-Kashani at the Department of Compuer Science and Engineering, University of Colorado Denver, including the following areas:

    • management and mining of "mobility data" from molecule to cosmos scale

    • large-scale and high-throughput distributed and parallel data processing with modern hardware

    • management and mining of "mobility data" from molecule to cosmos scale

    • big data management and mining for a variety of data-driven applications, including intelligent transportation, bio-computation, health informatics, safety and security enforcement, retail optimization, geospatial analytics, and scientific computation

    • spatial data management and mining

    • ...

  • Requirements for PhD Applicants:

    • You must have an undergraduate degree or be graduating from your current institution within the next 9 months.

    • You must have a strong background in algorithms and databases. You also need to have an outstanding track record of building systems. Having domain knowledge in one or more of the application areas listed above is a plus (see the third bullet under resaerch focus areas).

    • You need to email me your resume, standardized test scores (TOEFL and GRE), undergraduate transcript (plus Masters transcript if applicable), and a short statement of your research interests.

      Note: If I find you a good fit for this position, I will try to support your PhD application. However, final decisions on your admission to the University Colorado Denver will be made by the admission committee. Full or partial funding can be provided for the selected candidates in the form of research and/or teaching assistantship.

  • Requirements for MS and Undergraduate Applicants:

    • You must be already a student at University of Colorado Denver.

    • You must enroll in one of my courses and demostrate your interests and capabilities.

    • You need to send me your resume as well as your transcript.

      Note: In certain cases, funding might be available for the selected candidates.